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Toyko Designers WeeK | 24/10 — 28/10/2015

Table Stories

Quench has pursued an exciting design research project in conjunction with an international investment company and a Queensland Macadamia producer. Although Macadamia nuts are popular worldwide, Macadamia wood isn’t considered valuable as it has a low yield and is difficult to manage, but Quench considers it a unique native Australian hardwood timber with a characteristic Lacewood grain. Through the making of these design artefacts, Table stories is an exploration into a new way of thinking about the harvesting, seasoning and processing techniques of discarded Macadamia tree trunks.

世界中で親しまれているマカダミアナッツですが、マカダミアの木は産出量が少なく、加工が難しいため、価値のないものと考えられていました。テーブルス トーリーは、これまで不要とされていたマカダミアの木の幹を収穫・乾燥・加工処理をし、新しい美術工芸品を作っています。

Past Event

  • Wanted Design NYC | 16/05 – 19/05/2014
  • Tastemakers AUS/USA/LAX | 22/06/2013
  • Dwell on Design | 21/06 – 23/06/2013
  • Saturday Indesign Singapore | 06/10/2012
  • Dwell on Design | 22/06 — 24/06/2012
  • Toyko Designers Week | 30/10 — 5/11/2010
  • Unlimited | 11/10 — 17/10/2010

Alexander Lotersztain

Alexander Lotersztain is an Argentinian born Australian designer and founder of the multi-disciplinary design studio Derlot. This highly awarded studio specialises in product, furniture and interior design, as well as hotel concepts, branding and art direction with a long list of international clients. His work appears in design journals around the world and can be found in the collection of the Pompidou Museum in Paris. He was named one of the 100 most influential designers worldwide in &fork by Phaidon and among the top 25 designers to collaborate with Monocle.

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Björn Rust

Björn Rust is an industrial designer and creative director based in Melbourne, Australia. He respects individualism and finds influences in science, philosophy and across all creative disciplines. He believes that designing for everyone is designing for no one and that we can not have design without content. His work spans from architectural and product design to photography, video production and publishing. Aiming to surprise and inspire, Björn Rust believes in socially responsible concepts which boast clear semantics and appealing aesthetics. He is driven by new materials and processes, as well as new perspectives on existing ones.

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David Shaw

David Shaw completed a degree in Fine Art (Industrial Design) in 1979. Since then his extensive career has included work as a Designer-Maker, University Lecturer, and In-house Designer for various manufacturers, Architects, and Interior Designers. In 1991 David established Street & Garden Furniture Company, and still remains as Company Director. During this time David has been awarded many industry accolades for his design work and commitment to the design industry in Australia. In 2009 he was the Co-President of the Design Institute of Australia (Qld) and continues to represent the design community on various industry boards.

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Jason Bird

Jason Bird launched his own design studio Luxxbox in 2007, which has become one of the most innovative furniture and lighting manufacturers in Australian and North America. Jason has won many national and international awards and his work has been selected to show at several international exhibitions including; New York Design Week; London Design Festival; and Tokyo Design Week. Jason has been on the Board of the Brisbane Powerhouse Performing Arts precinct since 2013 and Chairs the Master Planning committee. He is a Fellow of the Design Institute of Australia and a Member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.

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Marc Harrison

Marc Harrison is a designer of useful and useless objects for all occasions, he continuously traverses between art and design confusing himself mostly and occasionally coming up with a good idea. He has managed to maintain this fragile existence for more than 2 decades and attributes his survival to generous customers, patrons and some discarded coins. He has a pathological interest in the meaning of ‘origin’ and the Macadamia tree and has devised ways of using the waste shell from the Macadamia industry in many of his designs.

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Surya Graf

Surya Graf Studio is a design practice with a background in both Architecture and Industrial Design. The philosophy behind the studio is materials led and process driven, with outcomes focused on functionality and a refined simplicity of form. The portfolio of work spans across a diverse range of product, interior and urban design projects.

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Pass Events

Since 2010 Quench has show work in Japan, The United States, Singapoure and Australia.

New York Designers Week

Having shown work on the westcoast for two consecutive years, Quench dissented on NYC.

Tastemakers AUS/USA/LAX

A multi-brand cross-channel show completely curated by Quench to showcase not only there own work from Queensland, but design centric brands from all over Australia.

Singapoure Designers Week

In support of Indesign Media, Quench played a key role in Singapoure's Designers week. Showing product in the Red Dot Design center along with some of the regions top designers.

Dwell On Design, LA

On our fist trip to Dwell on Design, Quench was awarded 'Best in Show'.